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To join your local ASME chapter at NJIT, simply click the link to fill out the quick Google Form below
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So you'd like to join ASME?
Here's How:

To join your local ASME chapter at NJIT, simply click the link to fill out the quick Google Form below
Click to Join your local NJIT chapter

The ASME Chapter at NJIT is part of a national organization. ASME National is a professional organization which gives students and other professionals in the industry more connections to internships, opportunities, and many networking possibilities. Coming to our page is the first step in being a member of ASME. To be a part of ASME at NJIT, you do not need to be signed up with ASME National however you will receive the most benefits from this club by becoming a national member. Here are the quick steps to become a national member:
Visit the national website:
Click the membership link at the top of the page
Follow prompts to Join ASME
Freshman can join for free while other students pay a fee of $25

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Student Member Benefits
Why becoming a member is so beneficial to you:

As an ASME National member students are able to build skills, make connections, engineer your future, network with industry professionals, access to the best opportunities in the field, daily news from the industry, etc.

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What about ASME at NJIT?
Want to know more about ASME's presence at NJIT?

ASME has had some great successes here at NJIT. To learn about our past at NJIT and about the great things we have accomplished, follow these links: "NJIT Students Win First Place in a Major Robotics Competition" and "NJIT Students take top awards at a national design contest".

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So you're planning on becoming a Mechanical Engineer!
Here's How to Make the Best Resume:

Applying for your first real job is very nerve racking! There are probably so many things you are worrying about such as finishing your college education with the best grades possible, finishing that last internship, and lastly, making sure your resume is perfect and ready to go each time you hit that apply button for a posting. Here is a link with an example resume that will give you great ideas when you need to spice up your resume. Before you wait until the last minute, make sure to take the entries into consideration and think about what skills and experience you have an whether or not they stack up. You can follow these links for resumes, cover letters, and objectives: Cover Letters; Reume and Objectives. If you need to get started on your resume or need to give it a makeover, this website is a great tool to create and build your resume. It will construct the format and body while you just have to input your information: Resume Builder Good luck!

Top Companies for Mechanical Engineers by

Here is a list of the top companies for Mechanical Engineers. Maybe you could be here one day!

List of Mechanical Engineering Companies

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